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Spider-Man: Far From Home Features a Tony Stark Secret? I’m Ready.

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man (2008)

**Spoilers for Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame ahead.**

Tony Stark has secrets we don’t yet know? Or, at least, a secret lab? According to Screen Rant, we’re going to get a look into Tony Stark’s genius world a bit more with Spider-Man: Far From Home, even if we don’t get to see Stark himself. The idea is that, while traveling to Europe on a school trip, Peter Parker has to cope with the loss of his father figure, and what better way to do that than in Tony’s secret lab on his jet?

According to the site, the lab is left for Peter to use, with new suits and technology, meaning we might see more of Peter Parker’s genius in this film. While the MCU has laid the groundwork for the intelligence we know Peter Parker possesses, it’s going to be nice to see him use his skills in living color.

The rumor started to circulate on Twitter this weekend, when a Marvel account tweeted that the film would reveal a “Tony Stark secret.” Obviously, our imaginations ran a little wild while we were waiting for confirmation on what this “secret” could be. Personally, I hoped it was the secret of Tony Stark’s continued existence, because maybe I’m still not over Tony being dead.

While the secret lab information does fit the “Tony Stark’s secret” criteria, I don’t think that’s the full “secret” we’re going to get. Or maybe I’m just hoping we’ll get more Tony Stark content throughout Spider-Man: Far From Home, because I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

(via Screen Rant, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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