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What If Tony Stark Is Peter Parker’s A.I. Guide? No, I’m Not Crying. It’s Just Dust in My Eye.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man wears Tony Stark/Iron Man's glasses in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home TV spots have been heating up since we’re just a bit over a month away from the film’s release. With that comes more theories and more thoughts on the film’s connection to the events of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and how the world (and particularly Peter Parker) is handling everything.

The last we saw of Peter, he was coping with the death of his mentor, struggling in a world that had moved on for five years while he had vanished. Luckily for Peter, he has people in his life who love him and want to help him be the hero he wants to be. Those people also have connections to Tony Stark and, more importantly now, his tech. While Peter already has his own A.I. with KAREN, there are still a few others we have met throughout the years that now need someone else to use them. Sure, Pepper and Morgan will probably have FRIDAY to help them with everything they need, but it looks as if Peter Parker gets a new A.I. system in Far From Home.

Here’s the thing about Tony Stark’s A.I.s: They sound like real human beings. They’re just voices feeding you information with their own personalities and feelings. FRIDAY was upset when she read off Tony Stark’s vitals to Pepper, and JARVIS would often talk to Tony as if he were a human friend. Even KAREN seems to worry about Peter Parker from time to time. So why does this voice sound so mechanical?

Now, before you say “That’s just KAREN,” I went and did research, because that’s my job and also because I’m a nerd. When you listen to the A.I. in the trailer compared to KAREN when she activates “instant kill” in Spider-Man: Homecoming, they’re very different.

My theory is simple: What if this voice is just a substitute for the trailer, to hide that, in the movie, it’s Tony’s voice, and this is his way of staying connected with Peter? Now, I fully admit to going “huh?” whenever Tony and Bruce start to talk tech, but I’m pretty sure each Marvel A.I. has its own consciousness. That was the whole thing with Ultron, wasn’t it?

So with that understanding, what if Tony gave himself a consciousness as an A.I. system, to be there for his “kids” when he wasn’t? It’d be a very Tony Stark thing to do. Imagining a world where Morgan forgets the sound of his voice? Not happening in Tony’s world. And to be there to yell at Peter when he starts to do something rash? Tony’s favorite. Plus, it happened in the comics. Riri Williams had a Tony Stark A.I to help her become Ironheart.

I wouldn’t put it past Marvel. It has comic backing, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to torment us all, so I can’t wait to hear Robert Downey Jr. yelling at Peter Parker some more!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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