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Tonight Show Writers and Miley Cyrus Thank Hillary Clinton for “Being the Hillary Clinton of American Politics”

Wanna weep this morning? Well have I got something for you!

Earlier this week on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon’s regular “Thank You Notes” segment had a particularly heartwarming (and not just a little bit melancholy) feel to it as Hillary Clinton, who was on the show promoting her new book, What Happened, was given a “Thank You Notes” segment dedicated entirely to her.

The female writers on the show each sat at Fallon’s desk and, with the segment’s trademark thank you note music provided by The Roots, each read their thank you notes to Hillary Clinton for being a role model, for being an inspiration, and in one particularly awesome turn of phrase from writer Taryn Englehart, for “being the Hillary Clinton of American politics.”

This isn’t to say that there weren’t some funny entries, too. Writer Jo Firestone was basically all of us when she said, “Thank you, Hillary, for all the work you’ve done for public health care. Ever since the election, I’ve really depended on my government-subsidized anti-anxiety medication.” Meanwhile, Jasmine Pierce gave Clinton this offer: “Call me day or night, and I will be there with a gallon of ice cream and two spoons to tell you, ‘Girl, you are so much better than him.’” Clinton joked that she might totally take her up on that.

Musical guest Miley Cyrus also joined the Thank Hillary bandwagon in the segment’s most touching moment, needing to take an extra moment before reading her card and beginning to cry as she talked about how Clinton is a “beacon of strength, hope, and determination for me and millions of other young women. You’ve been a role model, and an inspiration, and a voice of reason in uncertain times.” When she asked Clinton for a hug, Clinton gave her one enthusiastically.

Clinton then proceeded to quote a Cyrus lyric as she read a thank you note of her own, saying, “Thank you Miley, thank you to the Tonight Show writers, and all of the women and young girls out there. You are smart, strong, and deserving of every opportunity. Together, we’ve made our voices heard, we’ve done great things, and we’ve come a long way. But as Miley would say, we can’t stop, and we won’t stop.”

It was a warm and beautiful segment that reminds us to be ever-hopeful, even in the face of so much cruelty and despair, and to remember that if politics really were just a popularity contest, then Clinton would’ve won by about three million votes.

(via Vulture, image: screencap)

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