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Before You Make A “Let It Go” Cover, Use This Test To Find Out How Tone Deaf You Really Are

Hmm, perhaps I should stick to interpretive dance.


Have you ever been singing in your shower and thought, man, I am so good at this? Or have you ever heard your BFF singing in their car and thought, wow, they are terrible at that? With a new, simple online test, you can find out for sure whether or not you and your friends are musical geniuses by determining exactly how tone deaf you all are!

Though there are other tests for tone deafness online, they’re typically far more challenging than is necessary to diagnose tone deafness. This new test (which also works on your phone) is pretty easy – you listen to some notes, and do your best to answer questions like “Are these two tones the same?” That’s about all my brain can handle on the weekends, anyways.

The cool thing about this test is that it only tests your ability to correctly identify the differences between two musical pitches – which is actually what “tone deafness” is, not how good or bad you are at singing on-key. And hey, as it turns out, tone deafness is way less common than you’d think – of the first 1000 people to take the test, only 6 ended up being tone deaf. Not bad.

Head over to to find out exactly how hard you’d butcher your audition for The Voice, or if Adam Levine would love you and sweep you away to his island paradise where you would live happily ever after with he and his wife. Not to brag or anything but I totally got 100%, so excuse me while I go learn to play the ukulele and start a YouTube channel just for covers.

(via Christopher Sutton, image via Janet Ferro)

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