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Tom Holland Losing a Mid-Air Fight With a Giant Blue Box Is Somehow Endlessly Relatable

Tom Holland suspended in a harness while a giant blue box hits him in the head.

Tom Holland is a great actor and he’s also the kind of performer who wants to do his own stunts. It probably comes from his background in gymnastics and his training for playing Spider-Man, but the 25-year-old actor clearly likes to be in the thick of it. That can be a problem since he’s box office gold and putting him on a plane and having him fight cargo dangling thousands of feet in the air probably isn’t something insurance would cover.

So when it came to Uncharted, Holland clearly wanted to be there for the stunts, and there’s an entire sequence where Nathan Drake (who Holland plays) is mid-air fighting cargo that has fallen ou of a plane before a car takes him back out. And now, in a new look behind the stunts of Uncharted, we get to see how those stunts were done without putting Holland at (too much) risk. The result? Spider-Man fighting a blue box and spinning around in a circle.

As we can see in the clip, Holland spent a lot of time rigged up and spinning around to give us the iconic Nathan Drake moment, and while it looks incredible in the trailer, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that Holland is, essentially, fighting a big blue box while helplessly pinwheeling through the air.

Holland v Box

I’m aware that blockbuster action film sets are a lot of blue and green so they can add in the CGI to make movies look how we expect them to. That doesn’t mean it isn’t funny when we see the actuality of it. I’ll never forget where I was when I realized that they literally CGI out tattoos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But seeing Tom Holland get hit with a blue box and then spin uncontrollably for a couple of seconds is great. It’s just basically how I felt when my alarm when off this morning and I had to be an adult again.

Tom Holland getting absolutely beaned by a giant blue box while suspended in a harness filming stunts for Uncharted.

Or when you look at your bank account after going out and feeling all powerful throwing down your credit card …

Tom Holland getting absolutely beaned by a giant blue box while suspended in a harness filming stunts for Uncharted.

Or that moment when you realize you’re the weird single wine aunt that everyone feels bad for …

Tom Holland getting absolutely beaned by a giant blue box while suspended in a harness filming stunts for Uncharted.

It seems as if they did use what look like cargo boxes for other scenes, probably when Holland is hanging off of them after Nathan Drake is knocked out, but they clearly couldn’t have those actual cargo boxes hit their star in the head. So this blue box worked and is now just bringing us joy. Second is the half a blue car that they threw into Peter Parker to knock him off their grounded airplane.

Did I ever need to know that Tom Holland was fighting blue boxes instead of cargo? No. But I am glad that we have this content of him just spinning mid-air to get us through the work week.

(via Polygon, images: Sony Pictures)

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