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Apparently Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. Box Each Other?


Tony Stark and Peter Parker

Never have I felt more lost in a room full of thousands of people than when Tom Holland casually dropped the information that (A) Robert Downey Jr. bare-knuckle boxes like in Sherlock Holmes, and that (B) he went to Downey’s house to box with him and got the crap beaten out of him. Why? Well, because the room of nearly 5,000 people all just let the information go without any reaction. Meanwhile, I sat there and very loudly said, “WHAT?”

At about 22 minutes into the video below, Holland starts to talk about going over to Downey’s to practice, and how RDJ was just punching wood and beat up Tom Holland in a boxing match? (Honestly, a great celebrity connection flex on Tom Holland’s part.)

This comes after Holland had already talked about getting to work with RDJ and how the picture that Downey and himself took (that eventually ended up in Avengers: Endgame) seemed like they were just messing around, and he had no idea of the significance of that moment.

Yes, that’s sweet, but I want to go back to this boxing thing. So, we already know that Robert Downey Jr. has boxing training. You can see it in his version of Sherlock Holmes and in the beginning of Iron Man 2, when he’s boxing at the start of the movie. Why we haven’t gotten an RDJ boxing movie yet is beyond me, but if I have to write it, I will.

It was fun to listen to Tom Holland casually talk about becoming friends with actors he looked up to growing up (like Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and obviously, Downey) and try not to sound like he was name dropping, which shows more about Tom Holland than the situation he found himself in because—let’s be honest with ourselves—if we could casually drop that we were friends with actors we once loved, we’d all probably not shut up about it.

Still, I would like to see footage of this boxing match and watch as RDJ breaks wood with his own knuckles because that seems like very important information for me to have. Like…how did this boxing match go down? Did Downey go easy on him or just take Holland down? I need to know.

Anyway, now we can all imagine Tom Holland trying to also do this and hurting himself in the process.

rdj boxing

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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