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OK but What Is Tom Holland Doing With This Dog He Doesn’t Even Know?

Son, what are you doing?

Tom Holland holding a puppy

I love a good Tom Holland Instagram story. The latest, though, is a bit of a mystery that has completely consumed my brain and is making me question everything happening in the life of Thomas Stanley Holland. Basically, Tom Holland, who pretty much always has a dog nearby, has obtained another dog that he does not know the name of and very nearly lost in the woods while going out for a hike.

Tom Holland is my son, so much so that at one point, my editor messaged me this gif and asked what my son was doing:

Tom Holland catching himself on fire

Reader, I wish I knew, but that’s beside the point—back to my son and these dogs. So, we all know that Tom Holland has his dog Tessa.

She has become a fan favorite and one that many even ask about at conventions. I also love Tessa because she’s a pitbull (my favorite kind of dog), and Holland often advocates for pitbulls, who have been given a bad name because people tend to train pits to fight (not the dog’s fault, but rather, trash human beings’). So, to me, it’s beautiful to see him speaking up about pitbulls and showing how sweet and caring Tessa is.

Now, though, there is a new dog in town, and literally not even Tom Holland knows her name, but he already loves her.

Truly, imagine watching this and listening as Tom Holland tries to call her different names and get this dog’s attention. I have so many questions (mainly “Whose dog is this?”), but the journey didn’t just end there. Now, Tom Holland took the dog on a walk and nearly lost her.

As predicted, many of us are watching these stories and wondering what’s going on.

Is this a mystery worth solving? Absolutely not. I’m more here for the wholesome content of Tom Holland with dogs just going on (mis)adventures together. Maybe that’s why he’s playing a dog in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle opposite Robert Downey Jr., or maybe he just loves dogs more than anyone else in this world (I think it’s more that Tom Holland is just a puppy turned into a boy), but still, stories like this are just fun to read about when the rest of the world seems so dark.

I’m glad that Tom Holland found Maisey/Daisy and that she’s friends with Tessa. Now, who does she belong to?!

(image: CBS)

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