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Tom Cruise Yelling About COVID Precautions Is Both Cathartic and Troubling

Wear a mask.

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Last night, the internet was abuzz after audio surfaced of megastar Tom Cruise berating the crew of Mission Impossible 7 for not following COVID protocols. The three minute-plus rant contains many an F-bomb, screaming, and more than a little megalomania, but at a time when COVID cases are surging and Hollywood is on the line, it’s also kind of cathartic to hear someone taking things seriously.

The reactions that this rant inspires are complex. On the one hand, yeah, people need to take COVID-19 seriously, and Cruise is right about that. And there is a lot of pressure on movies like Mission Impossible 7 (seven?? Really?) but … the way he’s saying all of this is not great. I personally get upset when someone sends me a text message without punctuation or emojis because I assume they are mad at me. If someone were to start yelling at people like that at my work, it would be incredibly uncomfortable and I might just quit out of pure fear.

Cruise is in a huge position of power and privilege on his sets, and you can tell by what he says and yells here that he knows it, in both good ways and bad. He knows that he is the face of this movie and that their set must set an example for the entire industry—that’s fine. But he also has an incredible ego about this and makes this all about him and his power trip. Bad.

And in some ways, yeah, I feel for him when he goes off about how this is all on him and he has to sleep with this at night … but also he maybe has a misguided concept of his own importance? And it’s worth noting that the thing he’s mad about is that if someone gets sick because the crew broke COVID protocols, it will be bad for the industry and people’s lives, not that someone might, well, be ill.

The reactions to the rant were pretty varied as well.

But still, as complicated as this is, I would love for Tom Cruise to personally yell at everyone not wearing a mask and continuing to spread this disease. Especially those in Congress.

(via: Variety, image: Paramount)

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