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Donald Trump Sent Thoughts and Prayers to Toledo for Mass Shooting in Dayton, and the Internet Took Notice

Because they're both in Ohio?

Trump yells nonsense at no one.

It’s truly infuriating that the conversation surrounding the two mass shootings (that’s right, TWO) in our country this weekend is about mental health, and not about also making it harder to obtain a gun, but that’s America, right? As long as you have your gun, who cares who dies? What makes it even worse is that the president can’t even get the cities right.

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You know how I feel every time someone says “thoughts and prayers” or preaches about how the internet is to blame rather than talking about the real issue and why we need gun control?

Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark says, "You're repeating yourself, you know that? You're repeating yourself."

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But today, everything was made that much worse because the president of the United States of America said that he was sending those thoughts and prayers to Toledo, a city that is almost two and a half hours away from Dayton, Ohio, where the shooting actually took place. That’s right, he didn’t even care enough to figure out what city it was that was hurt in this horrific shooting.

Now, we joke that we live in the darkest timeline, but like … have you looked around? The president can’t even get the sites of these tragedies right, current Democratic 2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is out here saying the shootings happened in Houston and Michigan, and everything is a colossal mess, and no one seems to be attempting to actually fix anything.

To me, I think the president saying “Toledo” is almost worse because he was very clearly reading off a teleprompter and still couldn’t get the city that suffered right. I’m being completely serious. He said “Toledo” while very obviously reading off a teleprompter, so his whole team very clearly does not care about this country or those who are continually hurt because he wants to be president.

From there, Twitter continued to yell (rightfully so) about the fact that the president SAID THE WRONG CITY.

I’m tired. I’m exhausted, emotionally and physically, by living in a country where I’m afraid to go anywhere. Why leave my apartment if I can get shot at the movie theater or at a bar? Why go anywhere just to die there? That’s not freedom, and this isn’t what this country is supposed to be, and with a president like Donald Trump, it’s just going to keep happening.

He blamed the internet for the shootings and said it radicalized people, but it also doesn’t help that everyone can walk into any ol’ Walmart and get a damn gun. But whatever, the president can’t even be bothered to learn which city had a mass shooting because there were two shootings in the span of 24 hours.

In 2020, vote this asshole and Republicans in the Senate out and get better gun control laws.

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