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The Mary Sue Is Looking for an Opinionated, Feminist Writer


The Mary Sue needs an uber-talented and opinionated writer who can pen quick, biting pieces about the issues of the day through a feminist lens. We are looking for someone who gets what we do and has significant knowledge of, and passion for, pop-culture, political and social issues, technology, science, and more!

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You’ll be tasked with determining which stories would be of interest to The Mary Sue audience and then covering them with a voice consistent with that of the site. The ideal candidate will be able to distinguish their pieces from our core “geek entertainment” content by finding bubbling topics or controversies everyone will be (or should be!) discussing in the daily news cycle and driving the conversation forward with their unique take.

In the spirit of transparency, the pay is comparatively low for someone with these talents and experience, but the level of autonomy in choosing stories and angles will be very high.

What we are looking for:

  • Ability to write quickly and thoughtfully on social issues.
  • A strong social media footprint and/or presence in online fandom and communities is a plus.
  • Experiences writing numerous stories per day.
  • Familiarity with WordPress and social media channels (mostly Facebook and Twitter, but Tumblr and SnapChat are great, too.
  • Bonus points if you’re already part of The Mary Sue community!


What we want in your application sent to jobs @ themarysue. com:

  • The subject line of your e-mail must read: “TMS Opinion Writer 2016.”
  • A brief cover letter as the BODY of your e-mail.
  • Your resume/CV (as an attachment) or LinkedIn profile (pick one).
  • At least three links to samples of your writing. Preferably include at least two personal or “opinion” pieces.
  • Link(s) to your personal website/blog or podcasts/videos and any public social media accounts if applicable.

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Dan Van Winkle
Dan Van Winkle (he) is an editor and manager who has been working in digital media since 2013, first at now-defunct <em>Geekosystem</em> (RIP), and then at <em>The Mary Sue</em> starting in 2014, specializing in gaming, science, and technology. Outside of his professional experience, he has been active in video game modding and development as a hobby for many years. He lives in North Carolina with Lisa Brown (his wife) and Liz Lemon (their dog), both of whom are the best, and you will regret challenging him at <em>Smash Bros.</em>

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