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Titanfall Currently Free-To-Play on PC for 48 Hours

Yeah, okay, but I still want that Optimus Prime DLC.



Despite being the distributor for some of the bestselling games out today — Dragon AgeMass Effect, and The Sims, to name a few — their digital online store Origin doesn’t exactly have the best reputation compared to similar services like Steam. But you know what would be a really great way to convince people to jump on the Origin train? Giving everybody a free 48-hour taste of their games, starting with Titanfall. Smart move, EA. Smart move.

Origin Game Time, as they’re calling it, is a new feature EA is currently testing out that allows you to download the game–not a demo but the complete, full-length version–and play it for 48 hours. Which doesn’t translate to 48 hours of solid gameplay, in case you were wondering: the timer starts whenever you begin playing, but continues on without you when you take breaks to eat and sleep and stuff.  If all that marketing magic works on you and you end up wanting to buy Titanfall after the first 48 hours, grabbing it through Origin will allow you to pick up right where you left off with your saved progress from the Game Time trial run.

It’ll be interesting to see if this plan works out for EA. Titanfall is an incredibly popular game right now and it was an obvious choice to unveil this new feature with, but I can’t help but worry that the Origin servers are not going to be able to cover the influx of new players for the weekend. Remember the Great SimCity 5 catastrophe of 2013? Imagine that but with a game about piloting giant robots–so, you know, one that literally everybody wants to play because who can say no to giant robots. Yeah, I’m predicting there will be some lag.

Either way, if you’re already a Titanfall PC player, you might wanna sit this weekend out until most of the freeloaders are out of the way. In the meantime, I hear the outdoors is lovely! With the… trees and stuff! Yes.

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