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Tim Gunn: Comic Book Geek [Video]

Tim Gunn makes a living critiquing fashion. He mentors Project Runway contestants, he’s guided hapless women through their own style evolution, and now he’s turning his arch eye to comic books.

Apparently Gunn has always had a thing for comic books — and he even appeared in Marvel Comic’s “Models Inc.” miniseries.

But watching him earnestly critique the costumes of these cartoon heroes and villains is almost too much Tim Gunn awesomeness for our brains to handle.

Some choice quotes:

On Miracle Man: “I have to add — the color on that cape is just ridiculously extreme. And…I don’t understand it.”

On the Black Canary: “Oh, well she’s a tramp.”

On the typical get-up of the female superhero: “Well, there’s a problem — by definition — with fishnets. The wider the weave…the more vulgar the look is going to be.”

(This post originally appeared on Styleite.)

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