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Tiger Woods Video Games are Selling Just Fine

Well: that’s a relief! According to the president of EA Sports, the inexhaustible Tiger Woods scandal (seriously, it’s been two months) hasn’t put a damper on the sales of Tiger Woods-branded games.

via That VideoGame Blog:

Says EA Sports president Peter Moore, “We’ve looked actually at the overall franchise for calendar year 2008 and 2009 and are slightly up when we look at all platforms for the Tiger franchise. Despite what has gone on in his personal life, we’ve seen no negative impact on sales.” Add to this the fact that two new games, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online and Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘11, are scheduled for release later this year, and it appears that while the golfer may be losing sleep about his marital status, his game sales are doing just fine.

A pitch: why not roll out a playable variant of the infamous Tiger Woods Machinima video? The graphics look similar enough…

(1up via That VideoGame Blog)

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