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Ommegang’s Next Game of Thrones Beer Will Be Three-Eyed Raven

Stay tuned for Jill's eventual opportunity to rub it in our faces review.


The HBO licensed Game of Thrones beer, “Valar Morghulis,” is soon on its way to being sold out around the country. But that doesn’t mean the brewery can’t announce a new themed beer for the spring of 2015, just in time for the fifth season of the show. That’s right, Ommegang is prepared! They’re kind of like Tyrells that way.

While I’m sad to see the brewery continue their tradition of not naming their beers after different families of Westeros (because damn it if drinking a Targaryen-themed ale wasn’t the best beer-drinking experience ever and I would like to share that feeling with all the other overidentifying nerds who’ve got a favorite house), Three-Eyed Raven sounds like it’s going to be pretty delicious. According to the press release, it’s “a dark take on the classic saison style” that has “fruity esters, clean floral hops aromas, a light malt character with just a hint of roast and a pleasant yeastiness in the taste, and a crisp finish with lingering herbal hops and dry rye notes.” Oh, yeah, and it has 7.2% ABV. We figured some of you would want to know that.

“Going into season five, Game of Thrones is bigger than ever, and we’ve learned very quickly over the past four beer releases that fans of this show are thirsty for Ommegang’s innovative and carefully conceived brews,” Josh Goodstadt, Vice President of Global Licensing at HBO, said in a statement. “We’re certain those fans will be just as surprised by the complexity of Three-Eyed Raven as they were by Bran’s discovery at the end of season four.”

Okay, no one should probably tell that guy about the theory (which you can read more about here). Wait, actually, do—I’m curious to see how he’ll work it into his beer pitch.

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