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Three Accounts to Follow to Add a Little Levity to Our Current News Hellscape

A still from Sarah Cooper's video impersonating Trump.

The news is deeply terrible right now. Nearly every internet list–of which there are many–offering tips on how to take care of yourself during the coronavirus pandemic suggests limiting the amount of news you take in each day. As someone whose job relies on consuming all the news, all the time, I 100% recommend not doing that if you’re able.

But if you do want to stay informed, here are three Twitter accounts to make the news a bit more palatable.

Sarah Cooper’s Donald Trump lip syncs

Really the only way I can stand hearing Trump’s voice is when it’s coming out of comedian Sarah Cooper’s (@sarahcpr) face.

She absolutely nails Trump’s bombastic bloviating with total sincerity, but the use of props and cutaways to other characters adds an all too fitting level of absurdity to his already absurd ramblings.

Maria DeCotis’s Andrew Cuomo lip syncs

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds daily press briefings to share the work being done to combat the coronavirus and much of their content is very serious. But Cuomo is also known for going off on some lengthy personal tangents. Comedian Maria DeCotis (@MariaDeCotis) has focused on the relationship between Cuomo and his family, especially his daughters, and also especially his daughter’s boyfriend, as they all quarantine together.

Cuomo is clearly just as stir-crazy as the rest of us and DeCotis’ reenactments really highlight that fact.

Also, A+ props.

Room Rater

Gone are the days of in-studio cable news interviews. Instead, now, every guest and sometimes the hosts are broadcasting from their homes, which means we suddenly get to look inside the homes of a bunch of strangers. Room Rater (@ratemyskyperoom) is here to judge those homes.

Setting up a good video chat background is hard–a lot harder than a lot of guests and professional correspondents seem to have realized. Between the lighting, the decor balance, and the camera angle, it’s a lot to keep in mind.

If you watch a lot of news, this account will give you something to focus on besides the terrible news itself.

A surprising number of media figures have clearly been paying attention to the account and are actually taking notes.

(Although sometimes a person will forget everything they’ve learned.)

It’s nice to have a fun distraction as we watch everything around us burn.

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