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The New Excerpt From Thrawn: Treason Has Me Excited to Read More

But where is Eli Vanto?

The cover art for Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn, from Del Rey and Lucasfilm

The Grand Admiral is back in the last story we’ll hear about him … that is, until Dave Filoni reveals what happened after the end of Star Wars Rebels. Thrawn, the cunning Imperial officer who operates like a blue Sherlock Holmes, analyzing everyone’s moves three steps before they make them, returns for the third book in Timothy Zahn’s new Thrawn trilogy, Thrawn: Treason.

Thrawn is fresh off a visit to Batuu with Lord Vader, one that revealed more about the Chiss Ascendancy. Now, his position in the Empire grows tenuous, as the Emperor would rather pursue the secretive project developed by Orson Krennic (of Rogue One fame) than Thrawn’s enhanced TIE fighter. Meanwhile, Thrawn’s close associate Eli Vanto has returned from the Unknown Regions with a warning from the Ascendancy.

Thrawn’s loyalties are going to be tested, and given the fact his future is still somewhat of a mystery, it’s anyone’s guess where Thrawn’s ultimate allegiances lie. shared an excerpt from the upcoming book, detailing a meeting between Thrawn, Krennic, Tarkin, and the Emperor, among others. The excerpt is from Thrawn’s perspective, which means we get in depth analysis of every facial expression and gesture of his colleagues. The best part of Thrawn’s point of view is getting the mastermind’s analysis of the behaviors of those around him; it’s an easy way to get into the other Imperial’s heads.

Check out the part of the excerpt below, and then read the rest on

Three men are seated around the table in the Star Destroyer Firedrake’s command conference room. The room itself is a duplicate of the Chimaera’s conference room, though the Firedrake’s table and chairs are newer and somewhat more elaborate.

“Ah—Grand Admiral Thrawn,” Tarkin said in greeting. His expression holds anticipation, perhaps an underlying calculation. His voice holds calmness, perhaps with the mental preparation of one going into combat. “Allow me to introduce Grand Admiral Savit, commander of the Firedrake and the Third Fleet. I don’t believe you two have met before.”

“No, Governor, we haven’t,” Savit said. His voice holds guarded welcome. His expression holds wariness and evaluation. His body stance holds a mixture of confidence and pride. “Welcome aboard, Admiral.”

“You may have heard of Admiral Savit through his family’s music programs on Imperial Center,” Tarkin said. The calculation in his voice increases. The tone holds warning, perhaps a heightened political awareness of the strong cultural position of Savit’s family.

“So I have. I would very much like to attend one of your performances someday.”

“You’d certainly be welcome,” Savit said. His voice holds pride and a hint of smugness, reflecting his own awareness of his family’s status.

Del Rey has also released the SDCC exclusive cover of the book, which teases the rise of the Chiss Ascendancy.

The Thrawn books are always a treat. While I am definitely Team Rebellion, Thrawn has always been a favorite villain of mine. I have high hopes that the book will tease more of whatever evil is lurking in the Unknown Regions. The Chiss Ascendancy clearly knows something that’s lurking out there, and we got hints of it in the Aftermath trilogy as well.

This could also shed some light on what Thrawn’s ultimate plans are, and whether or not his final Imperial stand might hold a hint for where he is following the events of Star Wars Rebels. Grabbing one of those SDCC exclusives is at the top of my to do list for the convention, because I absolutely cannot wait to find out the next chapter in Thrawn’s adventures, and what secrets have yet to be revealed.

(via, image: Del Rey)

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