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Being Mad About ‘Lady Thor’ Means You’re a Fake Fan

That's Mighty Thor to you.

Natalie Portman is worthy of the hammer

First of all, she’s Mighty Thor, so get your facts straight. Second, being mad that Jane Foster is worthy of the hammer shows that you know nothing of the Thor comics and, more importantly, shows you’re sexist. Yeah, I said it. SEXIST. Mainly because, if Thor and Steve Rogers can be worthy of the hammer, why can’t Jane Foster? Because she has a vagina?

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Anyway, respect the name.

The point of this, however, is that, in an unsurprising turn of events, men are angry. Why? Because seven movies of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and the promise of Chris Hemsworth as Thor in this same movie, isn’t enough! They want a shirtless Chris Hemsworth, and they want only him!

PulpHero over here isn’t the only one to have a time over “Lady Thor” (which, again, is not her name). One Angry Gamer went on a rant, and then another site felt the need to say, “SEE? THE MEDIA IS SAYING IT IS AN OUTRAGE, BUT IT WAS A PLOY!” like they didn’t just scream for an extended amount of time about a woman being worthy.

My patience for this kind of tomfoolery is very limited. In the One Angry Gamer piece, they bash the comics era of Jane taking on the hammer:

For those of you unfamiliar with the Female Thor, it was as bad as everyone said it was, laced with the sort of propaganda that the Marvel comics have become infamous for — so infamous that many of those comics ended up on the Get Woke; Go Broke Master List — and included blatant agitprop such as Jane sharing an interracial kiss with Falcon after beating up some “racist” agitators.

Yes, I read this. Feel bad for me.

There were some … wild takes out there, like one claiming that suddenly people who worship Thor for their faith would have a problem with this. (They probably loved drunk gamer Thor, though, right?)

And even responses that just make you stare into an non-existent camera like you’re Jim and this is The Office.

It even got to the point where someone pointed out that the complainers don’t know anything about the Thor comics because … she is, in fact, Thor.

Don’t worry, though. We got all the way to “It’s ruining the MCU.”

Wouldn’t be complete without one of those.

It’s part of an epidemic, people being angry that a woman is occupying space and breathing air, because how dare we, right?

But, the One Angry Gamer piece and other angry responders have fueled many of us in a positive way, talking about Mighty Thor and our excitement for the return of Jane Foster.

And, you know, she’s not just Thor or even Mighty Thor.

Anyway, this has been a comic series that is great, and Jane Foster being worthy of the hammer is a move by the MCU that’s right in line with their comics, so take your angry tears and let all of us who are excited drink them up. MIGHTY THOR FOR PRESIDENT.

(image: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

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