A large pumpkin patch.

This Is, Without Question, the Best Pumpkin Patch I’ve Ever Seen

I love pumpkin patches! They are a staple for the fall season. I don’t particularly do anything with pumpkins, like carve or decorate them, but I do enjoy their flavor. And pumpkin patches often have so much more to offer than just walking around looking for the perfect pumpkin. There’s one here in my home city that has farm animals you can pet, yummy treats like hot chocolate, specialty popcorn, and homemade pastries, and fun (yet bumpy) group hay rides. I look forward to going here every year. One TikTok user, though, may have found the best one there is.

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The user, @dreamhouse_diaries, starts that video by captioning, “Thought we were going to just a regular pumpkin patch.” Great foreshadowing here! We definitely know that this is not going to be the usual patch. As the video continues, music from the iconic movie series Jurassic Park plays and we see dinosaurs! Just out and about amidst our orange friends. These animatronics look quite good I must say. They move and give a lifelike feeling. One is shown with a pumpkin on their head! Another has something in their extra large mouth, though I can’t make out what it is. And lastly, we see a young girl sitting in a pumpkin “ride” (I use that term loosely, it’s more like a seat) that gently moves on top of a dinosaur structure. 

I am sure this is such a treat for kids but honestly, I would love this as a full-blown adult. There is something about dinosaurs that still intrigues all of us. I think combining them with pumpkins is so random but it seems like it works! In the video, you can see the name of the pumpkin patch, “Spina Farms,” which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I wish I could go!

(The patch, by the way, was apparently vandalized last week, with some horrible people wrecking decorations and stealing a tractor overnight. I wish those people nothing but the absolute worst life has to offer this spooky season and beyond.)

Aside from the dinosaurs, the pumpkin patch looks very vast. It almost looks like a small theme park, from the video anyway. There are over 3,700 comments on the video and most people seem very enthralled. A lot of people are commenting about how far away the farm is from their location. I definitely relate! I decided to play along and found that it is a whopping 37 hours and 25 minutes from me! Yikes! I can enjoy the videos for now.

I wonder what other unique pumpkin patches we will start to see in the viral world as we get deeper into fall.

(featured image: EvgeniiAnd/Getty Images)

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