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This $75/Year Harry Potter Subscription Service Is Riddikulus

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In Everyone Needs a Streaming Service Now news, Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling have decided they need one that’s all about the popular magical book series Harry Potter. For a price tag of $75 per year, you can get the Wizarding World Gold membership, which will offer fans a new video series, discounted merchandise, special events, and all seven books in the main series, according to The Verge.

Now maybe it says more about my own personal feelings about Harry Potter at this point, but when I heard this news, my reaction was … what? With this price point, the service is clearly targeting older fans, who likely already have access to the main seven books (not to mention that libraries exist). It’s such a high price point that I’m not exactly sure what the benefit is. SlashFilm brings up that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park land has made billions for Universal, and that people are willing to spend several hundred dollars to watch “a mostly okay Harry Potter play for eight hours.”

At least with something like Disney+, when it launches, you’re getting an extensive library of movies, television, and original content. Part of the reason even those of us who are critical of the Mouse are still getting the service is that it feels relevant and important, with worthwhile content. Harry Potter, while still beloved and important, has slowly diluted as a brand that actively makes me want to try new things. From the latest films to J.K. Rowling herself constantly making ignorant comments online, my love of Harry Potter has become very streamlined, over time, to include mostly just the books themselves.

Still, I hope that, since they’re doing this and targeting diehard fans, the service will be something really great for them. Right now, the only thing that makes me excited is that Warner Bros. and Pottermore are including a personalized interactive journal with each subscription. The journal comes embroidered with members’ names, signage of the Hogwarts house they were sorted into, and additional passages that are personalized for each person. That is super tempting and I want it, but I would rather just go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park and get personalized stuff in a more immersive experience. Paying for an experience, at least for me, is more than just being able to stream the three good Harry Potter movies there. Wait, does it even come with all the movies? That is not exactly clear.

All this to say, not everything needs a streaming service.

(via The Verge, image: Warner Bros.)

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