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Things We Saw Today: ‘Winx Club’ Creator Announces Two New Projects Are Coming

After two seasons of the universally panned Fate: The Winx Club Saga, Netflix has finally canceled the live-action show. Despite little to no positive reviews, like Emily in Paris, people hate-watched it into a whole second season. Intended for an older teen audience Fate was a spin-off of the early ’00s children’s cartoon series Winx Club. Created by Iginio Straffi and others at Rainbow, this series sought to bring children’s love for fantasy and strong female characters. Several of the main characters’ designs were even inspired by famous women from pop culture like Britney Spears, Lucy Lui, and Beyonce.

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Straffi posted on social media to let everyone know that this Netflix news wasn’t the end of the story, and that there are plans for more animated work and a live-action movie.

Even though I loved Winx Club growing up, I didn’t watch Fate and had zero interest in this show even before the scathing reviews came in. Not only did they white-wash the already majority white group (something Straffi pointed the finger at Netflix about), but the costumes weren’t giving us anything, and the teaser trailer was not great. Because cartoons can’t translate one-to-one (nor should they), changes were expected. However, Fate didn’t look to keep any of the magic that drew people to the original show, and later reviews confirmed this.

While this is exciting news overall, I hope that this team expands and reflects the diversity of the original characters. I say the original characters because many of the Black and brown characters in later seasons can be mistaken for white due to how much they were lightened. A more diverse team can hopefully stop this from ever happening again.

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Here are some other bits of news out there:

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  • Amazon workers aren’t the only employees under Jeff Bezos that can’t access bathrooms. A new lawsuit claims housekeepers employed by billionaires got UTIs because bathrooms weren’t accessible. (via Jezebel)
  • Heartstoppers season two casts adds three more people, including Nick’s father. (via Netflix UK & Ireland.)
  • One of the many software engineers fired today at Twitter warned about how the algorithm tends to promote extreme right content above others a year ago. (via Twitter Blogs)

What did you see today, Mary Suevians?

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