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Things We Saw Today: Universal’s Frankenstein Turns 90

And the New York Times keeps on trolling us all...

image via Universal Studios

Happy Birthday Frank! Or should I say, Frank’s monster! The OG Universal Studios monster film, Frankenstein, celebrates its 90th birthday today. Released in 1931, the movie created the definitive portrayal of Mary Shelley’s iconic man-made monster. Designed by makeup and effects master Jack Pierce, this version of ol “bolt head” has captured the imaginations of audiences for almost a century. For more on Pierce and Frankenstein read Fangoria’s special 90th anniversary tribute.

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Fittingly, Twitter has been roasting The New York Times today for publishing a book review claiming that HG Wells and Jules Verne invented the science fiction genre, seemingly forgetting that Mary Shelley beat them to the punch by almost 50 years.

  • Meanwhile, an armored truck accidentally spilled some of it’s cash on the highway and some very dumb people posted videos and photos of themselves stealing it. Anything for the ‘Gram. – ABC6
  • Kid Rock embodied the “Old Man Who Yells At Cloud” Simpson’s joke by releasing a music video “against cancel culture.”  – Rolling Stone

Watch out everyone, The Lincoln Project is going on the grift again! They’re not even trying to hide their allegiance this time.

And finally, the first civil suit has now been filed in the Rittenhouse case. The suit was filed on behalf of victim Joseph Rosenbaum’s family and targets several Kenosha officials, including members of the Kenosha police department. – CBS4 Denver

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