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Things We Saw Today: Make Your Very Own Tree Trunks and Apple Pie From Adventure Time


You know you’ve always wanted your own super cute adorable elephant who keeps wandering into trouble. Don’t even deny it. At the very least, you’ve always wanted some nice pie, right? Well thanks to Cartoon Network and Fatal Potato, you can have everything you’ve always wanted! (As long as it’s one or both of those things… made of clay, at least.)

  • Speaking of weird little creatures, you know that movie that Paul Rudd keeps trolling Conan with whenever he shows up as a guest on Conan? Yeah, Mac and Me, that’s it. Apparently it finally (?) has its own set of figures and pins, perfect for when you want to explain what the movie is every single time someone sees you. (via Nerdist)
  • And speaking of aliens, NASA’s running a film contest, asking editors to submit a film using the images and footage the agency has captured over the years. (via

Apparently when he’s not busy being a total Karen or threatening to punch Nazis and white supremacists (like a real good Captain America should, ahem), Chris Evans reads stories for kids. Here, he’ll be reading Shelly Becker’s Even Superheroes Have Bad Days for a BBC children’s program. (But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch, too. Go on, we won’t judge you.)

  • Speaking of Avengers, Marvel Entertainment head Kevin Feige said that the reason Avengers 4 doesn’t have a subtitle (or even a proper title) yet is because it would end up spoiling what’s going to happen in Avengers: Infinity War (aka Avengers 3). A few half-baked guesses from me: Avengers: The AvengingAvengers BabiesAvengers: ZombiesAvengers: Resurrection, and Avengers: Everyone Died So Let’s Start Over Again With So Many Origin Stories It’ll Be Like We’re Printing Money.
  • And finally, a bit about the Avenger all of us at TMS already love and adore: Black Panther. According to Slate, the upcoming film will put a brand new spin on superhero movies. I say that the fact that it features more people of color than nearly any other Marvel film (note the emphasis, because I know someone’s going to say “but what about Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?”) ever created is a pretty solid spin already. Anything else? Gravy.

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