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Things We Saw Today: Tom Hiddleston Officially Confirmed to Star in the Loki Show

Thank goodness.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers

Last month, rumors began circulating that Tom Hiddleston would only be appearing in the Loki show as a narrator, rather than playing the character himself. However, that has been confirmed to be false, with Walt Disney Studio Chairman Alan Horn making it clear that the show would star Hiddleston and not another actor donning that iconic helmet.

While I originally liked the idea of Hiddleston taking a backseat to a younger actor, I am still excited to know that Hiddleston will play the role in the Disney+ series. Hiddleston was perfectly cast as Loki, and his work is what has endeared audiences to the trickster. Given that this series is rumored to be set prior to Loki’s villainous turn, we’ll probably see a version of Loki closer to his Ragnarok self where he’s more of a trickster and anti-hero than a villain who wants to take over the planet.

We still don’t know when the Loki show will take place, or what the plot will be. Reports say that he’ll be time skipping around impacting major world events, but if Endgame sees him coming back then that opens the door to a post-Thanos show. We most likely won’t know much about the series until after Endgame and Disney’s biannual con, D23; until then, we’re stuck in speculation city.

(via We Got This Covered, image: Marvel)

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How are you spending your pre-Oscars Saturday, dear Suevians?

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