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Things We Saw Today: As of October 26th, Women Are Working for Free

The pay gap between men and women means that women are essentially working ten weeks for free every year.

As the Washington Post points out, since the median salary for women is 80 percent of what men earn, we ladies “started working for free 17 hours ago.” The situation is even more dire for women of color, who “suffer the effects of the gender wage gap plus those of the race wage gap. While wages for White and Asian women have improved since 2007, salaries for Hispanic women have flatlined, and even declined for African American women.”

There are some handy charts available to figure out when women in varying professions essentially begin working for free—a.k.a. which day you should plan to burn down the patriarchy.

(via The Washington Post, image: Shutterstock)

    • Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, who made The Invisible War and The Hunting Ground, documentaries about sexual assault in the military and on college campuses, are teaming up to work on a documentary about sexual harassment in Hollywood. (via Laineygossip)
    • Actor Rainn Wilson talks about his turn as Harry Mudd on Star Trek: Discovery, and why Dwight from The Office would love Star Trek. (via Inverse)
    • This dinosaur had shaded coloring that was essentially a “bandit mask” and there is nothing cooler than this on the whole Internet today, fight me. (via The BBC)

So what’d you see today that could possibly be cooler than a dinosaur that looked like it was sporting a bandit’s mask?

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