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Things We Saw Today: The GOP Continues Grossness, Brings Back Smoking Indoors to the Capitol

An ashtray full of cigarettes

Because Republican lawmakers in Congress love to take trolling to the lowest level imaginable, they have lifted restrictions on smoking indoors in the Capitol building. This means that they are now free to suck and puff on as many cigars and cigarettes inside their offices as they so choose. Many who work at the Capitol Building have already complained about the smoke and the stench. But of course, Tucker Carlson, being the crazed shill that he is, had to try and spin it in an entirely new direction:

Smoking is good! Smoking is American! Smoking is in fact, the MOST American! Because America was founded on Tobacco and… well let’s stop there before he has to start thinking about who in America actually was responsible for farming all of that tobacco.

Meanwhile, The Guardian is at it again. This time, instead of publishing yet another anti-trans screed they published a one-paragraph complaint from a 66 years old man who doesn’t like the word “queer” because back in his day it was used as a slur. Naturally, most of queer Twitter heartily disagreed. It’s a difficult thing, navigating changing terminology and generational differences, but The Guardian has rarely been interested in nuance and prefers instead to rile up its readers with limiting and censorious finger wagging.

Happy belated Friday the 13th! If you somehow missed this most momentous of holidays (or were busy hiding from Jason Voorhees), it’s not too late to appreciate this costume comparison of The New Blood and MacGruber. It is, as the kids say, *chef’s kiss.*

Folks were having some good plain wholesome fun on Twitter today with this prompt asking who your first celebrity crush was, without mentioning your age. Despite the movie coming out a decade before I was born, mine was definitely hot fox Robin Hood from Disney’s Robin Hood. Yes, he totally counts as a celebrity! Now, who were yours?

And finally, Edgar Wright decided he needed a new yacht or vacation cabin or something and directed this charming McDonald’s commercial, and people on Twitter freaked out. It’s pretty cute, what else can I say!

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