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Things We Saw Today: Sesame Street Lantern Corps

Things We Saw Today

This has been brought to you by the letters O and A! More Green Lantern mashups at The Uniblog.

You can sew this with your sonic sewing needle! (At Geeks Are Sexy)

If that doesn’t impress you — or you can’t sew — then this pen contains the mysteries of time and space. And a tiny floating TARDIS. (At Neatorama)

In the same vein as Garfield Minus Garfield, 3eanuts found out that taking away the final panel of a Peanuts comic resulted in something phenomenally depressing. (Never underestimate the punchline.) (via Neatorama)

And now it’s time to fulfill all of your martial-arts-related kitchen dreams, because we’ve all had those, amirite? (At Laughing Squid)

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