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Things We Saw Today: This Terrible Reddit AITA From a Guy Who Can’t Understand Why His Female Neighbor Won’t Just Make Him Dinner

50s illustration featuring a woman in a nightdress in a kitchen and her husband making a sandwich.

Reddit’s “Am I the Asshole” and relationship advice subreddits are some of my favorite places to ignore our hellscape of a news cycle and blow off steam for a few minutes at a time. The best entries are the ones where it’s very apparent who the asshole is, to the point that it’s ludicrous they’re even asking, with bonus points if they’re heavily, infuriatingly gendered.

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Like, for example, the 31-year-old guy who doesn’t understand why his neighbor who he doesn’t know won’t cook for him.

This guy lives alone and doesn’t know how to cook. Due to recently reduced income, all he eats is fast food and boxed mac & cheese. His neighbor across the hall, though–a woman around his age–does cook. He says her cooking smells amazing. So amazing that even though they “aren’t friendly” and he doesn’t even know her name–nor does he attempt to learn it before approaching her–he asks her if she’ll start making enough for him as well. He offers to pay her, although in the comments he makes it sound like he only offers her about $5 per meal.

“Katie” did the reasonable thing and politely said no to this request. But a few days later he asked again, offering more money as if that’s the issue here. So she told him he was being rude and creepy and demeaning. He says she made him “feel like a big jerk and really embarrassed,” which is exactly how he should be feeling in this situation.

  • Olivia Wilde finally watched Booksmart on a plane and they cut out even more than just the lesbian kiss and sex scene. (via Twitter)
  • Twitter has decided to ban all political ads which seems … complicated. (via The Verge)
  • Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram are banning sexual use of the peach and eggplant emojis. (via PinkNews)
  • John Witherspoon of Friday, Boondocks, and so many more iconic projects has passed away. (via The Root)

  • Ooh, check out this sneak preview of Magicians #1. (via SyFy Wire)
  • 10 years ago, writer Nell Scovell wrote about David Letterman’s sexist behavior. This month, he finally read her piece and they sat down to talk about it. (via Vanity Fair)
  • Meghan McCain was terrible on The View again, this time to Cory Booker. (via Pajiba)

What did you all see out there on this All Hallows’ Eve Eve?

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