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Things We Saw Today: Phyllis Latour Doyle, A Real Life Agent Carter



Phillys Latour Doyle parachuted into Normandy, where she “posed as a poor French girl, riding her bicycle across the countryside to sell soap to German soldiers in order to give away their positions to the Allies.” She did some literal avenging. She’s a badass. You can read more about her here. (via Moviepilot)

  • Speaking of women who are pretty cool, Trowelblazers is a website that celebrates female archaeologists, geologists, and paleontologists in their work throughout history. (via Trowelblazers)
  • Here is a really cool story about how four Pheonix teenagers, three of whom were undocumented immigrants from Mexico, beat MIT with a robot they built on very little money. (via Wired)

Star Wars bowling style bag via Thinkgeeks

These Star Wars bowling-style handbags. I want them. (via Thinkgeek)

  • Vertigo Comics’ Preacher got a pilot commitment from AMC. (via Coming Soon)

Judge Dredd Penguin toy from Blind Mouse Toys

A JUDGE DREDD PENGLING. (via Blind Mouse Toys)

Here is a (long) infographic walking you through superhero lairs and how to create your own. (via Terrys Blinds)

The Ultimate List Of Superhero Lairs
The Ultimate List Of Superhero Lairs by Terrys Blinds.

(Header Image via Marvel Entertainment/ABC)

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