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Things We Saw Today: Wow, a Lot of PG-Rated Films Were Really Messed Up

Kevin Maher (the mind behind the “Monster Gaze” video we also shared) compiled some of the most terrifying moments of PG films that left a deep scar on our young psyches that we’ve never fully recovered from. Wow, children’s movies can be pretty horrifying. Did you see any of your childhood nightmares? (via Screen Crush)

  • Kotaku took a deep look at the manga pirating scene and their struggles to go legit. It’s fascinating stuff.
  • showed us what descendants of the Founding Fathers look like today. Inverse does a great dive into the racial dynamics of this project.

Please read this entire thread about the armor and fashion of Wonder Woman. It will make you appreciate the teams even more. (via Fashionable Geek)

  • Teen birth rates are at an all time low! Let’s celebrate that by continuing to push for good education and access to birth control. (via Jezebel)
  • The Swet Shop boys added an extra verse in reaction to the travel ban when they were on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which you can check out here.
  • Speaking of, this Glamour piece on Vermont Women’s Health Center, the first women-run abortion clinic, is an amazing read.

Finally, the producers of The Grudge and The Ring have a new horror film about a vintage polaroid camera that’s full of evil. Like Dan said, it’s like a full length Are You Afraid of the Dark? type premise, that looks to be very entertaining. It’s called POLAROID.

That’s it for what we saw this Friday, what did you see?

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