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Things We Saw Today: Nicolas Cage to Play Nicolas Cage in a Movie Produced by Nicolas Cage

This is not a joke

nicolas cage at sdcc 2011

Nicolas Cage is final talks to produces a film where he will play…Nicolas Cage?

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Yes it’s true. According to Variety, Cage is near to closing the deal to produce and star in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent where he will play a version of himself. This Nic Cage is a down-and-out actor in need of some cash so he reluctantly accepts $1 million to attend a Mexican billionaire super fan’s birthday party. Things of course go wrong and Cage must channel his own iconic characters to save himself and maybe save the day.

I’m not going to lie, friends. This sounds…awesome. The premise is kind of like Galaxy Quest mixed with a bit of Being John Malkovitch and heck, a smattering of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Nicolas Cage is always fun to watch on screen and never more so than when he’s allowed to go full “Nicolas Cage.”

The movie will be directed by he Tom Gormican and written by Kevin Etten. Gormican and Etten have collaborated before on the seires Ghosted and Etten’s credits include Workaholic and Scrubs. That’s some pretty good stuff, and I hope it gives Cage the chance to have some weird meta-fun that’s closer to Adaptation than National Treasure.

Cage is a pretty iconic screen presence, but while he’s worked a lot in the last decade, he hasn’t had a major hit for a long time. He showed up as Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. But his last half-way memorable live action film was….Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance all the way back in 2011 and since then it’s been a steady stream of forgettable roles. That’s sort of a bummer for the guy who, in case you forgot, won an Oscar in 1996 for Leaving Las Vegas.

Cage has literally become a meme and that work perfectly for the concept of this movie, and I think Cage has enough self-awareness and humor to pull a parody of himself off in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, if the movie can strike the right tone. If not…at least we’ll get some more memes out of it?

Here’s a few other delights that we saw today:

  • People are loving The Simpson on Disney+ but the aspect ratio is wrong. Luckily, Disney has promised to fix it. (Via The AV Club)
  • It’s the 20th anniversary of Jawbreaker (via NewNowNext)
  • The Moon Fall fantast series is headed to television. (via EW)
  • Please enjoy Nancy Pelosi politely eviscerating the Orange menace.
  • Ahoy comics is expanding it’s line up and in includes old ladies savinf the world? Sign us up! (Via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Mark Hamill may just be our favorite person on twitter, even when he makes us feel ancient.
  • Hong Chau has some answers about Lady Trieu on Watchmen. (via Den of Geek)
  • Her heart will go on…

And that’s it for today! Have a great Saturday!

(via: Variety. Image: Gerald Geronimo via Flickr.)

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