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Things We Saw Today: What Do We Think Is Happening In These “Desperate and Dangerous” Han Solo Set Photos?

Time for some speculation, nerds! New Han Solo director Ron Howard recently shared two photos from the set, both of which he captioned as showing “desperate and dangerous times.” What do we think they show? Where do we think they’re set? Could this be Kessel? (via Deadline)

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Shooting a scene about desperate and dangerous times.

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  • The New York Times recently published an article titled, “Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It’s Gone Too Far.” While the content itself draws necessary attention to a disturbing trend in the tech community, the framing of that title is…part of the problem.
  • Yesterday, I included a reminder to call your representatives about the devastation in Puerto Rico and let them know that their constituents want federal aid sent. Today, I’ve also  seen a lot of people passing around a link to the Hispanic Federation’s Hurricane Relief Fund, so you can also help out with a donation there.
  • Marvel and Disney have released some new groovy, retro posters for Thor: Ragnarok. You can see them all over at CBR.
  • Amanda Deibert published a fiery, timely essay on Medium: “Stop Calling Everything Trump Does A ‘Distraction’” As she writes, “When you say ‘This is a distraction from the REAL issues’ what you are saying to marginalized people is: You are not REAL Americans. Your issues, your lives are not real lives. This doesn’t matter as much as straight, white, Christian people problems.
  • Cartoonist Matt Furie has started sending cease-and-desist letters to far-right figures who use the image of Pepe the Frog character in their merchandise and media. But does the alt-right’s use of Pepe the Frog, as morally repulsive as it is, constitute “fair use”? Ars Technica explores the legal issues.
  • NASA is using origami to inspire new spaceship designs. (via NASA)

What did you see today?

(Featured image via Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm)

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