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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Is Searching for an Openly Gay Actor to Star in The Eternals


Marvel's Eternals Comic

Will Marvel finally get quality, on-screen LGBT+ rep in a film, more than ten years after the studio first began the MCU? Out Magazine is reporting that The Hashtag Show has revealed a casting call for a role in the upcoming Eternals film, saying “While the studio is open to actors of all ethnicity, they would prefer the role to go to an openly gay actor.”

Could this be the fabled LGBT+ representation that we’ve been hoping for in the series? I don’t know enough about Eternals lore to speculate who it might be, but I’m excited that they’re giving an openly gay actor a chance to star hopefully as a gay character. While gay actors shouldn’t only have to play gay characters, it would be nice for an out actor to receive a big break for playing a queer role onscreen, especially in a property as big as Marvel.

Marvel is keeping their post-Endgame release schedule fairly secretive, but here’s hoping that Eternals comes out sooner rather than later. If Marvel breaks the gay protagonist glass ceiling, hopefully others will follow. It would be nice to actually have major representation in the MCU, rather than having to rely on fanfiction solely for representation.

(via Out, image: Marvel Comics)

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Captain Marvel comes out this week!! Who’s excited for Marvel’s first female-led superhero film?

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