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Things We Saw Today: Haters Can’t Stop The Love Witch

Even when you are making one of the most brilliant, creative stories about the relationship between men and women using mythology of the Witch, haters can still hate.

Anna Biller, the creative queen behind my favorite movie of 2016, The Love Witch, told us all on Twitter today that members of the crew hated the film. Um … what? Biller’s experience is rage-inducing, and a reminder that even the film’s director, Biller was not given respect for what she was trying to do—and she had people trying to undermine her vision. Yet it was great that she stood her ground and stopped people from trying to ogle the actress, while maintaining a safe and rewarding workspace.

  • Ha! Louis C.K.’s I Love You Daddy has not only been dropped by Orchard, but they are going to sell the rights back to C.K. They know a toxic waste dump when they see it. (via The Wrap)
  • Despite my own feelings, which matter for very little, “Big Little Lies” will be returning for a season 2, and I’m gonna look at the bright side of things. More ladies on my television. Hopefully, we can get some more WOC on the show, as well this next season. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • The World’s Greatest Athlete, Serena Williams, will have the biggest building on the Nike campus named after her. Cause she slays. (via The Root Twitter)
  • “Pet Sematary”—a.k.a Stephen King’s favorite book (well the one he finds the scariest) and your spell check’s worse nightmare—is going to be remade in 2019, and I’m hella excited. Sure, “sometimes dead is better,” but a little remake resurrection couldn’t hurt? Right … Right? (via Nerdist)

Have you ever let your questionable taste keep you from being part of a masterpiece?

the love witch

the love witch

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