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Things We Saw Today: Little Girl Brings Joy, Dance to NYC Subway Platform

Never have I envied a subway platform before this moment.

This tiny child danced up a storm in New York City recently and inspired others to join her. Has a subway platform ever been this delightful? (via Jezebel)

  • Ever wanted a really in-depth look at the typography in Alien? Now you’ve got it! (via io9)
  • Fun fact: A mere ten seconds of kissing transfers 80 millions bacteria from mouth to mouth. Have fun thinking about that the next time you’re macking! (via Geek)

Here is the trailer for a movie in which a monkey trains a dog to be a pro wrestler. That exists! (via Topless Robot)

  •  Jon Snow’s makin’ it big: Kit Harrington’s starring in a satire of Hollywood alongside Jessica Chastain. (via Vanity Fair)
  • This man punched a hole through a $10 million Monet. I’m pretty sad that painting has a giant hole in it now, but his explanation made me lol (via Metro):

Mr Shannon told the police after his arrest he committed the thoughtless act of vandalism in an attempt to ‘get back at the state’ however while in court he tried to play it off as an accident by reportedly claiming he ‘felt faint’ and fell into the painting.

  •  AMC has apologized for spoiling everyone. (via Pajiba)

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