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Things We Saw Today: Kraft’s Pride Oreo

Things We Saw Today


Kraft celebrated Pride Day yesterday by posting this rainbow Oreo on its Facebook page. While the response was mostly positive — nearly 170,000 “likes” at the time of this writing — guess what? Some people didn’t like it because of the gay. And now they’re going to boycott cookies. Well, I guess they’ll go eat worms. More cookies for us! Good job, Kraft! (via Business Insider)

The Frisky has a collection of 10 adorable animal pendants. Between that and the Doctor Who shirts at Her Universe, all your money is gone.

  • Target and Marvel are going to team up to make tie-in merch for The Amazing Spider-Man, including pajamas. Previews will appear on the Target site. I’m really not sure if I have to say anything else, because that sounds pretty great. Oh yeah — will they make the promised PJs in my size, and are they going to end up being pink and lacy? Because seriously, I will invent a web shooter and shoot it in someone’s face. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • io9 asks an incredibly important question: Can you accidentally get an STD from a koala? We won’t keep you waiting. The answer is YES. Holy crap. No, we’re worried, too. You are not alone.
  • There is a hidden superhero in this picture. Try to find it. (via Bleeding Cool)

  • The Jane Dough has a greatest hits list of dumb criticism lodged against the Girl Scouts, those filthy Commie spies.
  • A lesson in “cheesecake art,” in the wake of the wonky-looking Catwoman cover, by Dante Shepard at Surviving the World. (via tipster George — Thanks, George!)
  • James Hance (cartoonist and creator of Wookie the Chew) has come up with another heartwarmingly adorable mashup: Star Wars and Where the Wild Things Are. Because he knows his audience. Available at Red Bubble. (via Fashionably Geek)

    Iron persons, in alphabetical order. (via The Daily What)

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