Things We Saw Today: Jimmy Fallon Brings Back an Iconic SNL Sketch


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Remember that Saturday Night Live sketch where Jimmy Fallon, Horatio Sanz, and more sang “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” and Jimmy couldn’t stop laughing and Tracy Morgan just existed in it? Well, it’s back and better than ever. On The Tonight Show, Fallon brought back some of his old friends with the help of Ariana Grande and they recreated the iconic sketch.

The original was, for lack of a better term, a mess. Jimmy Fallon was laughing within two seconds, Chris Kattan was just holding a keyboard that he barely used, Tracy Morgan just jogged in place, and the only one who seemed to know what they were doing was Horatio Sanz. Still, it remains an iconic sketch from Saturday Night Live because none of us really understand what’s going on, but we’re laughing anyway.

Another favorite SNL sketch comes in the form of “Jingle Barack,” a sketch basking in the knowledge that it was one last Christmas while President Barack Obama was still in the White House. If only that were still the case …

These are just two examples from the impressive history of SNL and their Christmas episodes, filled with countless sketches we always revisit during the holiday season. Also, though, I just want to know why Tracy Morgan is just jogging in place.

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