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Things We Saw Today: If Age of Ultron Were Made In 1995…

In a world...

What if the Avengers rocked plaid flannel instead of skin-tight superhero suits? This remix trailer doesn’t show us that, but it DOES show us what it’d be like if Age of Ultron had been released and marketed in 1995. (via Nerdist)

  • Hey, girl. You have one more reason to be grateful to Ryan Gosling. Now that he’s pulled out of the Warner Bros. adaptation of the classic 1967 dystopian novel, Logan’s Run, the script is being reworked for a female lead. (via The Tracking Board)
  • More casting news for AMC’s Preacher adaptation! While there’s still no word on who’s been cast as Rev. Jesse Custer, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Lucy Griffiths (True Blood) has been cast in the role of Emily Woodrow.

Apparently, women pay an average of $1,351 more a year for similar/identical items as men. I’m glad I live in CA, the only state that has outlawed gender pricing discrimination. And thank goodness that one of the things the Affordable Care Act did right was make gender pricing discrimination for health insurance illegal. But the thing about the dry cleaning will kill you. (via The Daily Share)

  • Magneto is joining the cast of the live-action Beauty and the Beast! Ian McKellen is set to play Cogsworth in the Disney reimagining. (via Collider)
  • Who needs an Apple Watch when you can 3D print yourself an…Apple IIe watch? (via The Daily Dot)


Rule the universe and be stylish while doing it! Check out this beautiful Infinity Gauntlet hand chain, which is available at The Beee Hive for $55. (via Fashionably Geek)

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