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Things We Saw Today: How Bill Nye Works

Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are budsHe molded so many of our impressionable young minds. But what does the daily life of Bill Nye look like? Lifehacker’s great “This Is How I Work” series has gifted us with an awesome look behind the scenes of an iconic man. The first gif in the Lifehacker comments pretty much illustrates my personal feelings about it. (via Lifehacker) (Image via Elliot Severn)

This is a video in which Viola Davis talks about wanting to guest star on Game Of Thrones and what she wants out of it (start the vid at 2:02). She want to kill someone with a spear. I will cry if this does not happen. She is truly the moon of my life. I now very badly want her to show up in the series finale and just kill everybody with dragons and spears and win everything. Sidenote: Shonda Rhimes shows are really not that far from Game Of Thrones plot-wise in the first place. (via Daily Dot)

  • Here is proof of what used to happen when people asked Ayn Rand for money. It’s a letter from Rand to her teenaged niece, and Mallory Ortberg described it best/as only the author of “Ayn Rand’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” could: “This letter so perfectly encapsulates everything I find deeply endearing about this bloviating monster. It is 30% very good advice, 50% unnecessary yelling, and 20% nonsense.” (via io9)
  • Disney added this trope to their princess movie repertoire 25 years ago. What would your “I want” song be about? Mine would either be something uplifting and epic about overcoming adversity or a stirring ditty about my fervent desire for a impeccably-made Marauders TV series. (via io9)

Hermione Granger fanartThis Hermione fanart is so beautiful. Racebent Hermiones bring me such subtext-turned-to-text joy. (via MarianneWithTheSteadyHands) (PS MarianneWiththeSteadyHands’ Korrasami fanart is also beautiful)

  • There is an extremely rare Star Trek phaser prop going on sale! And it’s only $60,000! Chump change, amirite? *cries over student loans* (via Luxury Launches)

Here is a tool with which to make your kid Batman without you having to die (via Geekwire):

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