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Things We Saw Today: Have You Seen These Awesome Star Wars Rey Scavenger Boots?

I’m not a cosplayer, so I’m not generally in the market for screen-accurate costume pieces as such. However, I am a geek, and I do love fashion that recalls a character in a TV show or film without being too obvious about it. The Rey-inspired Scavenger boots from Po-Zu’s officially licensed Star Wars shoe collection are totally my jam.

Hot off the heels (pun sort of intended) of the recent addition of Han Solo sneakers to their line, Po-Zu has added another Rey-inspired look to their already popular OG Rey boot. Gotta be honest, these are way more awesome-looking than the original, and have much more personality and character. I’ll have to save my ducats, though. They’re US$212 (Po-Zu is a UK-based company), but that does include free international shipping. (via

What have you seen out there today, friends?

(image: Po-Zu)

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