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Things We Saw Today: Hallmark Caves to Homophobes

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Not all is merry and bright in the land of endless Christmas known at The Hallmark Channel. Following a petition by a bunch of hateful homophobes, Hallmark has pulled a series of adds from wedding planning company Zola because they feature – GASP! – a lesbian couple kissing.

The campaign was spearheaded by One Million Karens who would like to speak to the manager Moms, which started a petition demanding that Hallmark not only remove the ads but cave to their demand not to create any sort of LGBT content. Their reasoning? “Such content goes against Christian and conservative values that are important to your primary audience. You will lose viewers if you cave to the LBGT agenda.”

After this issue was raised earlier this week, Hallmark caved, telling The New York Times that Hallmark will not run ads with content or issues “that are deemed controversial.” Their excuse seems to be the kiss, not the gayness ,but a Zola ad that remains on the channel features a straight kiss so that’s a load of horse manure.

It’s also clear that Hallmark had no problem until the protest but these few homophobic jerks, as Zola has aired ads with queer content in the past with no issue. It’s probably because one of these million moms tuned in during the holiday movie season and saw the add. Whatever the reason, it’s BS and Hallmark should be ashamed of caving to hate like this.

As queer woman – one who had a lesbian wedding before it was even legally a wedding in the US – I would like to clearly and succinctly state: screw you, Hallmark.

I hate that I have to reiterate this but: There is nothing controversial or sexual or offensive about two people of the same sex expressing their love and commitment. A channel that shows endless variations of a blonde white girl and brunette white man endlessly falling in love and discovering the magic of the holiday and kissing under the mistletoe has no right to object to two people of the same sex kissing.

This is a bad, disappointing move from the channel.

(via: The New York Times, image: Zola)

There are other less depressing things we saw today, and here are some of them!

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That’s what we saw today, Suvians! Did you see anything good out there?

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