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Things We Saw Today: Frozen Starring An Actually-Freezing Mae Whitman

Look, in my eyes Mae Whitman can do no wrong. She is an underrated superhero in my heart. And now she is Elsa, acting out what the entire Eastern seaboard is probably feeling right about now. (via Funny Or Die)

  • Here’s some of what Jonathan Jones, art critic for The Guardian, says about comic books about comic books and graphic novels: “The vast majority of graphic novels today are drawn with studied banality. There is a lack of ambition and verve to their visual artistry…Scanning those bookshelves, which held everything from Persepolis to Black Hole, what I saw were variations on a reductive graphic style designed to communicate information and signify simple emotions, but never to take the risk of showing a genuinely new, genuinely personal and daring perception of reality.” Prove him wrong in the comments? (via Uproxx)

SCARLETT JOHANSSON HAS A SUGAR-POP GIRL GROUP. They are called The Singles. Este Haim from HAIM is in it. Their first single is called “Candy” and can be heard above. I’d apologize for the previous all-caps but SCARLETT JOHANSSON HAS A GIRL GROUP. (via Noisey)

  • Daang: Kristen Stwart won a Cesar for her role in Clouds Of Sils Maria, making her the first American actress to win what Variety describes as “France’s most prominent film awards show.” Go KStew! Chart that post-Twilight life for yourself! (via Variety)
  • Scott McCloud’s graphic novel The Sculptor is being made into a movie by Sony. (via JoBlo)
  • Super depressing sentences: “Stereotypes can be a powerful force in discouraging girls from pursuing careers in computer science.” And there are a lot of stereotypes out there. Damn it, world. (via Phys)

This is an UP! doghouse and I’m having emotions about it. (via Laughing Squid)

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