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Things We Saw Today: Kevin Feige Gave Us a Brief Glimpse of the Loki TV Show

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We’re already so hyped for the upcoming Loki TV series on Disney+. Rumor has it that the series will have Loki time traveling around, a theory that’s helped by the fact that he now possesses the Tesseract. The first image for the show supports that theory: It seems as though Loki will be in the 1970s.

There’s not much to go on here—it’s just one image—but it does seem to confirm that Loki will be doing some time travel shenanigans. The seventies will be an interesting time for Loki to visit. Will he rock some seventies fashion in an attempt to blend in? Will he go see the first Star Wars movie for a crossover with Lucasfilm? What could he possibly be doing at that particular time?

Regardless of what Loki’s intentions are, I hope we get a lot of humor mixed in with whatever the main plot winds up being. Loki vs. Earth fashion and technology would be the perfect way to lighten up his Shakespearian monologues. I want to laugh and cry in the same episode, Marvel. It’s the least you can do after the melodrama of Infinity War and Endgame.

(image: Marvel)

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