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Things We Saw Today: The Internet Really Wants to See Elsa Get a Girlfriend

And let's be real, so do we.


Today, the trailer for Frozen 2 dropped, and the Internet collectively was feeling it. However, more importantly, the ultimate question was asked: Will Elsa get a girlfriend in this film? Many read her story in the first film as being one of coming out, and are now hoping that the sequel will see Elsa with a female love interest. Disney hasn’t been the most progressive studio in the world, but we can hope, right?

Wired posted a great collection of the best of the “will Elsa get a girlfriend” tweets, and Kristen Bell stoked the fire with an ultra vague response to a question about a new character.

Some are wondering if this new character is another powerful magical character, this one who recreates fall, which makes sense given the fact that Arrendale appears to be in the grips of a seriously autumn situation. Could Elsa find understanding and love with another who shares similar gifts? Or will Disney continue to say they support the LGBTQ+ community and never give us any mainstream representation in films besides possible background characters?

Either way, that opening bit of Elsa trying to master the ocean? That looks awesome. I might actually be excited for this film.

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We’re halfway through the week, and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, which means it’s time to re-read our favorite shippy fanfic!

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