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The Cold Ocean Doesn’t Bother Elsa Anyway in a New Frozen 2 Trailer


Anna, Elsa, Kristoph, and Sven in Frozen II

I’m going to be completely frank with you: I cried over that Olaf short that everyone hated. To be fair, it was at a very emotional part of my life when my grandmother was dying and I was going to have to find new traditions for the holiday season, so I’m justifying my tears over Olaf.

That being said, I did watch the first Frozen movie and fall in love with this story of sisters and their journey together. Then, “Let It Go” plagued me for months, and I thought I’d never escape the cold tundra that Frozen had thrown us all into. So how do I feel about Frozen 2? Excited, because I’m nothing if not here for any and all Disney properties.

First, let’s look at the trailer:

So clearly, there is some trouble in Arendelle. Mainly that trouble being … climate control?

Frozen tackled the familial issues between Anna and Elsa last time, and it seems as if Elsa is going to have to use her powers to take on our destruction of the world, and … okay Disney, we get it. Climate change is very real.

The trailer also showed us a glimpse of our favorite characters, along with some new faces!

So, even though we’re going to be plagued with songs that children will scream-sing for the rest of time … we’re all pretty excited.

Are you excited about Frozen 2 and the inevitable influx of children singing the songs for the next 12 years, or no? For me personally, I can’t wait to have my niece wear ANOTHER Elsa dress that plays “Let It Go” over and over again. (This is a very real thing that exists and tormented me for months until she grew out of it. Don’t worry, though, I still am forced to watch Frozen whenever I’m near her.)

(image: Disney/screengrab from YouTube)

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