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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Battlefront II Lets You Play As A Badass Woman Avenging…the Empire?

As part of Star Wars Celebration, EA released the first, full trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II. In the game’s single-player campaign, players will go through the story as Iden Versio, an Imperial soldier who vows to take down the Rebellion after watching the Death Star II blown up. io9 has a full write-up of her background here.

It’ll be an entirely new experience for players to campaign on the side of the villainous Empire. While I’d obviously rather that we got a female Battlefront protagonist who wasn’t a fascist, I’m still excited that players will experience the game as a complicated, hard-fighting female character. You know, almost as if women were fully fledged humans who exist on the same spectrum of good and evil as other genders…

  • Pearl Mackie, who plays new companion Bill Potts on this season of Doctor Who, opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her super-secret audition, getting sent flowers by Jenna Coleman, and what not to eat in Wales.
  • The new Netflix reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 took “synergy” to an actually funny place and riffed on Netflix’s hit Stranger Things. (via Nerdist)
  • Betty Gabriel gave a fascinating interview with Jezebel about her role as Georgina in Jordan Peele’s Get Out, how racism is portrayed in the film, and her love of “stories that have something to say about our society and…how it’s dysfunctional.”
  • Emily Asher-Perrin wrote up a great analysis of the horror trope of the woman who is not believed over at
  • Between Trump’s abysmal approval ratings and Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment payouts, the Fox News brand is so toxic that Fox affiliate Fox 25 Boston will change its branding to “Boston 25 News” to avoid association with Fox News. Admittedly, Boston is a particularly blue city. Its residents voted more than 5-to-1 against Trump, in one of the only two states in the country where every single county also voted against Trump. (The other is Hawaii.) So this is definitely outlier territory, but still. Here’s hoping that hating women and minorities won’t be as profitable as it once was. (via Deadline)

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