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Things We Saw Today: Batman Hears the Hard Truth About His Messed-Up Crime-Fighting Priorities

I know I already shared one Saturday Night Live (SNL) clip today, but this was too good not to highlight. In the above skit, Bruce Wayne is holding his annual food drive when he hears some honest feedback about Batman’s obsession with brutalizing low-level criminals. “Can you tell him to cool it down in our neighborhood?” one character asks. “He broke my friend’s jaw in two places, and all he did was steal a TV. That’s excessive!”

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“Batman fights crime wherever he sees it,” Bruce protests.

“… Just seems like he’s in our neighborhood all the time.”

Plenty of critics have skewered Batman’s rich-dude, broken-windows priorities before, but it was still funny – and biting – to see it acted out in this sketch. (via io9)

  • No, YOU’RE crying after reading about Mark Hamill and the Millennium Falcon. “You know, that ship is just filled with ghosts for Luke.”
  • Someone fan-designed a Princess Bride theme park, and I want to go to there. (via Nerdist)
  • Just how hard is it to digitally remove a mustache, like Henry Cavill’s was in Justice League? The folks at Business Insider asked some VFX experts to break down the process.
  • I absolutely loved Gita Jackson’s essay, “Why Black Men Love Dragon Ball Z,” over at Kotaku. Jackson shares quotes from black men across the country, who trace their DBZ fandom back to everything from its underdog narrative to the emotional openness of its male characters to simply “because the show is so fucking extra.” Do yourself a favor and read it.
  • Endless YArning put up a great essay on all the indigenous themes and elements in Thor: Ragnarok.
  • This Superman 75th Anniversary short was making the rounds on Twitter today, reminding me just how lovely it is.

What did you all see today?

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