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Things We Saw Today: Mashup Star Trek/Star Wars Trailer Totally Nails It

This fan-made mashup of Star Trek and Star Wars kind of just… works, doesn’t it? I mean, as GeekTyrant points out, it’s super helpful that both of the featured movies were directed by J.J. Abrams, for sure, but something about this trailer really does it for me.

  • Speaking of The Force Awakens, while we’re all over here being all like “yaaaaaaaahhhh” over the trailer, Fox News is like “nah.” Because it’s Fox News. They brought a few fans on the show to essentially make fun of them while “discussing” the “Star Wars craze.” (via Uproxx)
  • In ano–*urrp*–ther dimension entirely, C137 in fact, Rick of Rick and Morty fame (or at least, someone who sounds a lot like Rick) posted a guide on how to build your own portal gun with a few 3D-printed components. It’s ac–*urp*–tually a pretty sweet proj–*urrrrrp*–ect, Morty. You… gotta… you gotta… you gotta check it out. (via The Daily Dot)

GoldieBlox, the folks behind some pretty awesome female action figures, created this super adorable video to answer a very important question: what would it look like if all our iconic action heroes were girls? The video’s pretty rad, and worth a look-see. (via Comic Book Resources)

  • In the first of two Kickstarter posts today, I want to highlight Time Fiddler: Volume 1. Described as a graphic novel with “time travel, feels, and more,” I don’t know how I could resist. The project looks neat, and features some awesome queer characters. There’s some time left on this campaign, so definitely check it out!
  • The next is a project called Deeds Not Words, another graphic novel about a “curiously strong Deaf girl from Deptford docks… whose mother is kidnapped by a pair of peculiarly talented, but thoroughly unsavoury socialites.” It looks like there’s some urban fantasy elements, too, so if you’re into that, give this project a look.

Stuff, stuff, stuff. Lots of stuff. What’d you see today?

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