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Things We Saw Today: Bride and Groom’s First Dance Lightsaber Duel

Between you and me, I was one of those nerdy kids having lightsaber duels with those stackable markers (you know the ones I mean). So I guess it makes sense that this video resonated with me so much. Come on, you know that if you had the leeway to plan a lightsaber duel for your own wedding, you’d totally do it. (via The Daily Dot)

  • Prepare yourselves for more Guardians of the Galaxy excitement because Disney XD just renewed the animated show for a second season! (via Deadspin)
  • Speaking of Marvel excitement: have you ever wanted to throw Captain America, Iron Man, or even Spider-Man into one of your Disney Infinity 3.0 games? Then you’re going to want to pick up one of these Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel play sets! (via Polygon)

It’s easy to forget sometimes that most cosplayers are regular old folks just like us. They’ve got day jobs, too. The Watercooler went around NYCC and asked a bunch of cosplay folks what their day jobs were, and the results are pretty surprising. I didn’t know Nightcrawler worked for the CIA. Of course he does.

  • Speaking of shady, clandestine organizations: Frank Miller apparently just confirmed that his next book is going to be a brand new Sin City. Can’t wait to see this one get turned into a noir flick. (via Polygon)
  • Ever the thorough company, Google went ahead and bought a nice, special domain for themselves to protect their new shell company, Alphabet. The domain? Not even kidding. (via Gizmodo)

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