Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Coffee Creamers?!

Force sugars, please.
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I’m Canadian, so maybe these haven’t gotten to me yet, but there are Star Wars-themed Coffee-mate creamers?! Should go well with your dark side roast. (via Geeklogie)

  • If that hasn’t woken you up, did you hear that Portlandia is ending?! Because I’m sad and want it to live forever and ever. (via The AV Club)
  • Now that you’re awake, how’s about you read this convo between BoJack Horseman animator Lisa Hanawalt and cartoonist Kate Beaton? (via Jezebel)


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might be named after artists, but what happens when they themselves are made into art? Well, the answer is over at BoingBoing, where you can see a John Ln’s hieroglyphic images of the turtles, as well as characters from Star Wars, X-Men, Star Trek and more.

  • Francis Lawrence, the director of the Hunger Games films, is set to take on Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere for the small screen. Yes, this has been done before (paging a strapping young Peter Capaldi), but hey, maybe he’ll give it a cool new feel? (via Slashfilm)
  • Also, Brad Bird dreams of making a 2-D animated horror flick and let’s get on board with this. (via Collider)


And finally, what is this about House-themed Harry Potter reprints? Look at those beautiful Slytherin ones! Magic! (via HelloGiggles)

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