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Things We Saw Today: Who Wins in Princess Peach vs. Zelda?

Princess Peach goes up against Zelda in this sweet short film made by AndrewMFilms. Who do you think comes out victorious? You gotta watch this. Even if just for the special effects. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • In another epic battle, looks like Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis are still feuding in character as Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom. And J.K. Rowling is into it? (via HelloGiggles)
  • Oh, and in the Internet vs. That School That Reportedly Banned the Wonder Woman Lunchbox, it looks like no one wins. The story, which we reported on earlier this week, is now being deemed a fake for a variety of reasons. But has anyone officially confirmed anything? (via The Beat)


A Simpsons-ized version of Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens is here, thanks to Springfield Punx.

  • We all wish we could hibernate until we get a new Star Wars movie (hey, it’s only a few months!), but how would you feel about spending a year in a dome that’s meant to simulate being on Mars? That’s what a NASA team is now doing in Hawaii. (via BBC)
  • I don’t know about life on Mars, but I do know that I’m to the moon about this rumor that Michael B. Jordan might be in a bloody good comic book movie, even after Fantastic Four flopped. (via The Tracking Board)

So there’s this video of Grumpy Cat being fitted for her Madame Tussaud’s statue and I feel kinda strange about it? I mean, sure, this is probably what everyone, human or cat, has to go through to be immortalized as such, but Grumpy seemed even grumpier than usual as she was poked and measured. (via Topless Robot via Madame Tussaud’s)

  • Something I also feel strange about? The fact that the VH1 show Hindsight was cancelled after being renewed for Season 2. Seriously? Why put the awesome leads of this awesome show about female friendship and the ’90s through the joy of thinking they were going to get to finish what they started, and then take it all away? (via Vulture)

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